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26. september 2013

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Fra Jo Strømgren Kompani


A co-production between Jo Strømgren Kompani and Polish Dance Theatre (PL).

An evening of contemporary dance to popular Polish music from previous decades, associated with the mid-life crisis of a woman. This blend of nostalgia, retrospective scrutiny, and a fearful gaze at the future is also the celebration of Polish Dance Theatre’s 40th aniversary. The production is part of a long-term collaboration between the two companies, triggered by JSK’s continuous presence in Poland thoughout the years.

”Life is like a book, they say. But life is not a book. Life is written on thousands of loose sheets. You can tell a story, yes, and say this story is the truth. But it’s a matter of choice, really. Of deciding which papers in which order. Our story is one of these.”

The performance follows a woman, from her birth in 1973 to her birthday in 2013. The timespan of 40 years reflects a period of doubts, hopes, struggles, choices, and unforseen events, driven by herioc virtues – the lust for life and the will to survive. On her journey through a chaotic Europe, she manages to find a compromise between her own ambitions and the circumstances that are forced upon her. The multiple layers of the performance aims to portray not only the quest of a single individual, but also the one of a country and a dance company. Poland has changed radically the last 40 years, what are the future prospects? The 40th anniversary of Polish Dance Theatre raises the same question. As a piece of artwork, the performance does not delve into facts and figures. A fictive viewpoint, and even the view of an outsider, may just as well provide the necessary distance to communicate on an associative level. The truth is never the truth anyway, it’s all a matter of which details you emphasize. Or exaggerate.

The premiere of “Czterdziesci” is a part of a bigger project of Polish and Norwegian collaboration, titled “Signs of time – overcoming the borders. Artistic and educational activities in Poland, Norway and Iceland”.

Lenght: approx. 80 minutes, no interval
Touring: Poland, Norway, Russia
Premiere: Poznan, Poland, June 15th 2013

02/10 Stavanger Konserthus, Stavanger, Norway
17/10 Kielecki Teatr Tanca, Kielce, Poland
19/11 Opera Baltycka, Gdansk, Poland
28/11 Oskard, CKiS Konin, Konin, Poland
01/02 2014 Teatr Imca, Warsaw, Poland
14/02 2014 Opera Nova, Bydgoszcz, Poland

Choreography, text, set: Jo Strømgren
Performers: Polish Dance Theatre
Costumes: Bregje van Balen
Lighting design: Hans Skogen
Music: Jo Strømgren, Viljo Vesterinen, George Brassens, Fryderyk Chopin, Giacomo Puccini, Francisco Tarrega, Serge Gainsbourg, Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, Antonio Vivaldi, Ronan Hardiman, Ich Troje, Astor Piazzolla, Alfredo Catalani, Eleni Karaindrou, Lars Årdal
Production set, costumes: Polish Dance Theatre
Producer: Polish Dance Theatre
Co-producer: Jo Strømgren Kompani
Supported by:: Norsk kulturråd, EEA Grants.

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