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10. oktober 2010

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Ensemble Free Theater Norway


Ensemble Free Theater Norway (Oslo) is proud to announce the premiere of two new plays by Norwegian women: Come Closer written & directed by Mette Fjæreide, and Anxiety, Panic, and the Hatred.

The works will be performed by Dushinka Andresen, Lars-Christian Bjørnsten Bredal, Christopher Pedersen Cook, Mette Fjæreide, Ida Mailen Hagerup, Dina Narverud, and Brendan McCall.

Performances will be done in repertory by EFTN on the following days/times:

Thursday, 11 November: 7pm
Friday, 12 November: 7pm
Saturday, 13 November: 7pm
Sunday, 14 November: 7pm

All performances will be presented at Gorilla Tango Theater in Chicago at 1919 Milwaukee Ave in Chicago.

Come Closer and Anxiety, Panic, and the Hatred were developed during a residency at the Greenhouse Theater Center (Jennifer Kincaid, Managing Director) that began on 20 September 2010.

Ensemble Free Theater Norway was founded in July 2010 by American theater artist Brendan McCall to nurture young playwrights and directors, particularly within the Nordic region. The aim is to foster the resources necessary to create an independent theater scene within Norway that is global in perspective. The 12-week residency in Chicago, plus collaborations earlier this year with Belarus Free Theater and New York University´s Tisch School of the Arts, are designed to foster international collaboration in theater (especially playwriting) beyond Norway.

McCall moved to Oslo in 2008, and served as the Rektor of The International Theater Academy Norway for 2 years, until June 2010. Before moving to Norway, McCall worked professionally as an actor, director, and choreographer out of New York for 18 years, and his work has been presented internationally in over 15 countries. Teaching appointments include Yale School of Drama (2002-08), New School for Drama (2005-08), New York University´s Tisch School of the Arts (1994-2001, 2004-05), and many more.

For more information about Ensemble Free Theater Norway, please contact Director Brendan McCall at 646 242 1796 or email him at brendan.mccall.norway@gmail.com.

For more information about Greenhouse Theater Center, please contact Jennifer Kincaid at jennifer@greenhousetheater.org

For more information about Gorilla Tango Theater, please contact katie@gorillatango.com
Brendan McCall
Artistic Director, Ensemble Free Theater Norway

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