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27. april 2009

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Uredigert pressemelding
Fra Grenland Friteater

Porsgrunn Internasjonale Teaterfestival : PIT

organizes a 3 day workshop with Stuart Lynch June 16th – 18th

COACHING FOR VOICE AND BODY IN THEATRE is a method developed by the theatre director and certified coach Stuart Lynch. It merges theatre, dance, performance art, linguistics and philosophy to explore and develop a stronger body and voice ability. The physiological and psychological connection of the body to the voice is intimately connected with movement, breathing and ones state of mind. This connection is radically affected when one has to perform or speak in public. Public speaking is a statistically rated fear higher than the fear of death. The combination of coaching, body and voice work allows the participant to address this fear and develop a great possibility for physical and vocal freedom.

Stuart Lynch is an English Australian theatre director, dancer and coach based in Copenhagen, Denmark and is funded by the Danish Theatre Council. He has directed group dance theatre productions and solo performance works continuously since 1989. From 1990 he worked in Japan with Min Tanaka's dance company 'Mai-Juku. Since 1993 he has led two dance theatre companies, has been a choreographic consultant on over a 100 productions in Scandinavia, Europe and Australia. Currently he is touring his performance 'Lynch Concert' and in April 2009 he opened his new play 'The Artaud Engine'.

Registration: post@grenlandfriteater.com or tel: +47 35 93 21 00
June 1st.
Price:: NOK. 1500 / EUR 180,-
We can provide cheap accommodation.
PIT is organized by Grenland Friteater and takes place 12. – 18th June.

See the whole programme at www.pit.no 

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