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9. februar 2009

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Fra Moa X

DansPhysical Theatre Course
Creations in Motion
with Fernanda Branco

The course will research on the sonar aspect of the text and on the actors´ dramaturgy, focusing on the awakening of the primal movements, hidden vocal capacities and creation through the body's way of thinking.

We will work on the organic inner flux of songs and with voice & text, combined with body expressions. The main aspect is to allow voice to be connected with body.
At: Studio MoA   at   Kulturhuset Hausmania   (Hausmannsgata 34)

Dates: Mondays & Wednesdays from 10th of February till 19th of March - 17:00 till 20:00

Price:  6 sessions: 900kr    12 sessions: 1400kr

Registration and info: moaxmoa@gmail.com or 93 67 99 37

To the participants: the workshop will be held in English. Memorize a short text (in any language). Come with comfortable training clothes.

Fernanda Branco (Brazil) has been working with Physical Theatre since 1994. She graduated in Corporal Mime at Ecole de Mime Corporel Dramatique (London). In 2004, together with Christina Lederhaas (Austria), she co-founded Branco-Hase Collaboration: winner of the International Mime Prize, Belgium. Since, they kept continuity to their research and practice work through different year encounters. In 2007 she received Award of Best Actress at Festival du Cinema de Paris – Palmarès. She has also taken part of Grotowski legacy work practices with Gey Pin Ang (Singapore) since 2005. Branco lives in Oslo, where she works as actress, director and physical theatre training leader. She has been giving workshops in England, South Korea, Austria, Brazil and Norway.                                                                                                         


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