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30. januar 2009

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Fra Embassy of the Czech Republic


Theatre Lucerna MB and the Stance Communications

 Prague, Czech Republic
announce the 11th year of the
International Festival of Independent and Amateur Theatres

June 26 – July 2, 2009

(final dates will be confirmed till March  2009)

Summer Days Full of Theatre in the Heart of Europe

Scope of the Festival and Programme Structure

The main motto of the festival sounds  „Theatre as the international communication language“ and both the dramaturgy and the structure are built on it.  From very beginning in 1999 the festival APOSTROF has been focusing on  the confrontation of the Czech and the Slovak theatre on one hand and theatres from the further foreign countries on the other one. In this manner theatrical companies from Europe, America and Asia have been meeting on the stages of Theatres NA ZABRADLI and DISK in the historical centre of Prague.

The profil of the festival narrowed down over the years: particular dramatic genre and form, national culture, directing methods and ways of dramatic art, they all communicate through language that everybody understands and which is the only indicator for chosing the performers. Czech and foreign ensembles use a language which destroyes national boundaries. They use the language of a theatre.

„The basic idea, which was the headstone for the first year, is getting together and mutual confrontation of excellent Czech, Slovak and foreign independent, amateur and half-prefessional theatres,“ says the festival director Akram Staněk. „During the first decade of the APOSTROF’s existence we managed to enable ensembles from all around the world, we created many projects on which Czech and foreign authors worked together, we established cooperation with many festivals abroad. Now we are stepping into the second decade of our Festival and this is much more than we hoped when we found it. I believe, that we will continue in our accomplishments in the next decennium and offer our audience the best of Czech and worldwide theatre.“ 

Several-day program will be composed (as in last years) from the most interesting and the highest quality Czech and foreign thatre groups. Their performances will respect the main motto of the festival „Theatre as the international communication language”. Into the next decade APOSTROF enters with a new co-organiser, PR agency Stance Communications. Agency will participate mainly in organizing and media support of the Festival.

Apostrof ´s Premiere and Audience Award

The speciality of the APOSTROF festival is the Audience’s award. Spectators themselves have the oportunity to state a verdict for their favorite production by voting after each of performances during the whole festival. An ensemble that puts the most succesful show is announced and awarded in the final evening of the festival and also has guaranteed the next year attendance without a selection process.

The Apostrof ´s Premiere is the gage for every ensemble. An ensemble which accepts this challenge has the opportunity to introduce  its play for the first time on the festival stage, in front of the festival audience and the other festival’s creators. It can share with them suspense and joy of the opening night.

Complementary Programme of the Festival

Together with the main programme – three productions daily - the festival offers complementary programme and „off program“ performances. Visitors and performers have a chance to participate in theatre work-shops, which themes will be known in April 2009, they can have a lot of fun at the party (which also contains the introductions of ensembles), as well as debate about shows with dramatic authors and theatre specialists.

There is also a programme prepared for sponsors and media (press conferences, interview with the organizers and performers, press releases, image (pictorial) documentation and daily festival news in the festival’s newspaper “Voice”).

Foreign embassy deputies and consuls in the Czech Republic are invited especialy on performances of foreign ensembles.

Deadline for sending application and other materials is 31st January 2009. Later sended applications form will be disqualified from choosing proces.

People in charge of the project:

Akram Staněk – festival director
chairman o.s. Lucerna MB

Tel. +420 773 226 170

Marie Fišerová – production
Tel. +420 603 461 917
Anenské nám.5, 115 33 Praha 1, ČR

Viola Baštýřová – dramaturgist
The main co-organisers

Theatre Lucerna MB, Prague

STANCE Communications, Prague

Theatre Na zábradlí
Theatre DISK

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